After being years into my health and fitness journey, here’s what I wish I would have known earlier:

  1. Fewer calories does NOT always equal more fat loss. Being in a calorie deficit for too long can severely hinder your ability to lose fat and harm your health.
  2. That one day you “fell off track” from your diet doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Perfection is impossible, and it doesn’t mean progression. What matters is that you have a SUSTAINABLE plan that fits into YOUR lifestyle. Consistency > perfection.
  3. Cardio is not the answer to “toning up” or “burning extra fat”. To lose fat and achieve that leaner look, YOU GOTTA PICK UP A HEAVY WEIGHT.
  4. Fad diets DON’T WORK. They might help you lose a few pounds at first, but eventually they will be unsustainable, and you’ll end up in a cycle of losing weight just to regain it.
  5. The number on the scale is not your sole determinant of progress. That number can stay the same and your body can look completely different. There are so many reasons why the scale fluctuates, stop stressing about it.
  6. Spending hours in the gym and taking zero rest days is not the answer. An effective and INTENSE workout doesn’t have to be 2+ hours. Also, rest days are CRUCIAL for growth. Less rest = less growth + more stress.
  7. Carbs are NOT THE ENEMY. Neither is fat. These two macronutrients are extremely important for energy levels, metabolic optimization, and hormonal function, along with protein. They do not automatically cause fat gain, but eating them in a surplus can.
  8. Stop giving two sh*ts about what others think of your goals, what you eat, or what you do in the gym. These are YOUR GOALS, own them.
  9. Asking for help doesn’t make you dumb or weak. Hiring a knowledgeable coach and someone who’s been there will save you SO MUCH TIME AND STRESS. It’s worth the investment.
  10. This is going to take longer than you think, but the only way you can ever truly mess this up is if you completely give up. So just keep going and have belief in yourself!


Coach Kar